Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Primitive Sound System at Maxwell's TONIGHT (11-09-04)!

Hello Y’all,
Sorry for the late notice. I will be manning the newly overhauled turntables at Maxwell’s this evening. I promised the Tuesday crew a night of R&B/Soul and Funk and hopefully I will satisfy their jones.

Some of the pulls for this week come from a few fine end of summer harvests. With my recent fatherhood status it’s not always easy to go diggin.’ I have figured out ways of unearthing some gems with a lot less effort than I used to. One of those solutions is to wait for the goodies to come to you. So, off to the FMU Record Fair I went with cash in hand. As I said hello to some friends old and new I walked past many neurotic collector types to the boxes of just two sellers; Mr. Fine Wine and Todd-O Phonic Todd. Considering I DJ Maxwell's every Tuesday (and the only regular DJ at Maxwell's) it is in Todd's best interest that I give him some hard earned green for some future spins. Hook me up he did in a fine way with some Garagey, Groovy and Rockin' bits. Next stop, the land of Wine and Groovies. Easily one of the best stops anyone could make in search of all things Soul, R&B, Funk and Groove. Sharing his real estate with Mr. Solid Hit Soul and the Philly Archives of Dave Brown things here can get a bit overwhelming and out of monetary control real quick. Yikes, I didn't bring enough money.

- pat.


Featuring - Primitive Sound System and the food stylings of el Diablo
Every Tuesday
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Mr. Fine Wine:
1. Garry & Larry - "Come On (Havin' A Party)" b/w "Garlic Bread" (Goliath 600)
2. Sonny Knight Quartette (Sonny Knight Vocal & Organ) - "Let's Get It On. Part 1 & 2" (Aura Records cat. 88122 (AR-4515))
3. Willie Hobbs And The Dirte Four - "Gloria" b/w "On The Move" (Mercury cat. 72885 (1-43481(2)))
4. Foxy - "Trouble" b/w "I Like The Way You Love Me" (Double Shot Records cat. 153 (DS-353 (327)))
5. Hindal Butts - "In The Pocket" b/w "Welfare Cadillac" (M-S Records cat. M-S 220 (ZTSC-142559(8)))

Todd-O-Phonic Todd:
1. The Spats (featuring Dick Johnson (Arr. & A&R: Ray Pohlman)) - "The Roach" b/w "Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs" (ABC-Paramount cat. 45-10585 (AMP 45-4551(2)))
2. Bob Seger - "If I were a Carpenter" b/w "Jesse James (trad)" (Palladium cat. P1079A(B)
3. Scotty Mc Kay and his Orchestra - "Here Comes Batman" b/w "All Around The World" (Savannah Sound cat. SS-501-A(B))
4. The Strangeloves - "Night Time" b/w "Rhythm Of Love" (Bang Records cat. B - 514 (W - 10049(50)))
5. The Five Americans - "I see The Light" b/w "The Outcasts" (Hanna-Barbera Records cat. HBR 454)
6. Ray Columbus and The Invaders - "She's A Mod" b/w "Poison Ivy" (Zodiac cat. Z45/1164 (Z-283(4)))

Other worldly finds:
1. Kenny Rogers - "Fox's Den" (Fox Car Records Inc. cat. FC-902)
2. The Roundtable - "Eli's Comin'" b/w "Saturday Gigue" (Licorice Soul cat. LSD 004)
3. Studio G's Beat Group - "Hi, Bird" b/w "Movin'" (Licorice Soul cat. LSD 005)
4. The Blenders - "Nothin' But a Party Part I & II" (Tramp Records cat. TR-101)
5. The Dap-Kings - "Nervous Like Me" b/w "Nervous Like Me - Beats" (Kay-Dee Records cat. KD003)
6. Abraham and the Metronomes - "Party" b/w "Po' Boy Dream (previously unreleased)" (Funk 45 cat. FUNK45.20)
7. Little Curtis And The Blues - "Soul Desire (original version)" b/w "Soul Desire (alternate version)" (Funk 45 cat. FUNK45.21)
8. The Shades Of Black - "Mystery Of Black (Part one and Two)" (Funk 45 cat. FUNK45.22)
9. Funk 45's Box set - 10 Classic funk 45's with original labels and range bags (Warner Music UK Ltd. cat. 5046-72554-7)

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