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Primitive Sound System at Maxwell's Tuesday 11-15-04

Hello Y'all,
This Tuesday, Ian McLagan (Muleskinners, Small Faces, Faces, Rod Stewart, etc, etc...), one of the few true "Rock Legends" I can back is playing at Maxwell's. My first concert without parental chaperone was Rod Stewart at Madison Square Garden in 1979. Granted, this was not the classic early lineup but going to this show was of the utmost importance to me. "Every Picture Tells A Story" was at the time one of my top 5 favorite LPs of all time (it still has holds a high rating). Regardless of the originals on "Every Picture..." Stewart and crew nail covers of several amazing tunes but known stayed with me longer than the blistering "(I Know) I'm Losing You." As I looked deeper and deeper into the catalog I learned and tracked the beginnings of "Every Picture..." Of course the Small Faces and the Faces were at the core of those beginnings. Soon it was apparent that three of the bands that I consider the greatest bands of all time had major connections (The Faces, The Rolling Stones and The Who). Members of all three bands play on many solo projects as well as permanent roles in the Stones and The Who taken from the Faces lineup. It should be obvious to most but it seems I usually have to point this out when discussing British rock; when the Stones and The Who were looking to fill vacancies in their line-ups where did they looked first? In the Stones case there are even conspiracy theories about foul-play to make room for a member they already knew they wanted. Kenny Jones is no Keith Moon but equally Keith Moon was no Kenny Jones. One member goes almost un-noticed throought this story but his timeless style drives the groove as much as the drummers in question. Ian Mc Lagan's style on keys owes more to Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff than Little Richard or Jerry Lee. McLagan is down right funky and can swing a hinge right off a gate. This should be a good night for all.

Also on the bill is Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Danny & Dusty). Dream Syndicate are easily one of the best bands to come from the 80's California Underground. Wynn continues to impress with every new release and recently has been doing Flamin' Groovies covers in support of the "Lost In The Grooves" book. Wynn's chapter is about the Groovies very Stonesesque "Jump In The Night."

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Red Holloway - "Monkey Sho' Can Talk" (Prestige cat. PR 45-287 A)
Sometimes things are not what they seem. Mr Holloway has a knack for doing that. His "Gettin' It" track on his own label is one of the funkiest 45s I own. "Monkey Sho' Can Talk" is one of the best Garage Instrumentals I own. Oh, by-the-way Mr Holloway is a Jazz musician. A very well respected one at that.

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - "Dobbin' With Redd Foxx" (Prestige cat. 45-171 A)
Not really sure what this has to do with Redd Foxx. Maybe he and Lockjaw were buddies. This is another late night groover with sax soloing over a swirling organ and conga laced backing. The song moves through a true 50's style chu'ch organ solo that can whip any audience into a great mood before going out on a restatement of the theme over a more driving conga. More jazz for the jukebox. Damn I love this stuff.

Big Sambo & The House Wreckers - "At The Party" (Eric Records cat. 7003)
This is a screamer plain and simple. Big Sambo sounds very big and he really is kicking up some dust "At The Party." I wish most records sounded like this but maybe it's best they don't because this party never gets boring to me. I give this one - !!!!!

Christian Garros Et Son Orchestre - "Rockin' With Garros" (Columbia cat. ESDF 1131)
Big Band leader and one time Jacques Loussier drummer Christian Garros tries his hand at this thing called rock. Seems like he may have learned how to Rock from watching too many Looney Tunes cartoons. My personal favorite is "Chat Chat Rock" where it is HORRIBLY apparent that this is "Cha Cha Cha." What's up with the Chat Chat? Ah, the French so almost there when it comes to Rock.

Jody Williams - "Moanin' For Molasses" (Nike cat. 1013 (ZTSC 83641))
I have recently heard a few versions of "Moanin' For Molasses" none even come close to the Jody Williams version. Style and attitude cut the groove deep. If this was a fight you'd already be dead.

The "Noc-A-Bouts" - "Jungle Safari" (United Artists cat UA 126 x (45-S-116))
A stroll through the jungle for sure. Animal and monkey sounds over constant moans, horns and someone beating an organ. Suddenly a maniacal laugh and the most spastic drum roll this side of The Haze himself send you screaming on your way. The native sure do sound restless. Hey, yo!

"The Wailers" - "Tall Cool One" (Golden Crests Records cat. CR-518 (36591))
WEEEEEE! Classic Garage Instrumental time! This song is so great. The intro sways you quietly masking what is to come when suddenly everyone kicks in full bore and knocks you on your ass. This happens a few times and then the song fades. Que, play, repeat...

The Balloon Farm - "Question of Tempature" (Laurie Records Inc. cat. LR 3405 DJ (U4KM-8676))
When I was a kid one of my first obsessions were the sounds of 60's Garage and Psych. Every week I would wait for Bill Kelly's Teenage Wasteland like a hippo waiting for his fix of tranquilizers from Marlin Perkins. One of the songs that still gives me chills is "Question..." This defines the genre for me. Fuzzed guitars, organ and a snot nosed vocal sickly warning all that he's got it bad...

Jools Holland - "Boogie Woogie '78" (Deptford Fun City Records cat. DFC03)
Everybody do the mess around. It must have sucked for Jools to be born years too late. Luckily he is talented enough to make it all work when it could have all come out so wrong for mere mortals. Simple recording quality with dueling piano and organ, scratchy electric guitar licks that never seem out of place and of course Jools, Jools, Jools.

Harmon Bethea - "Roaches" (Musicor cat. MUS-1483B)
OK, look you should not leave your food out on the table over night. True as that may be apparently The Masked Man had pockets full of those crazy critters.

Mad Dog & The Pups - "Hip Squeeze" (Magic City cat. 4519 (45B1A)
I picture Mad Dog and The Pups as being 13-16 years old, maybe even younger. This is some funky shit for little kids to be laying down. Please don't ever ruin this image for me if you know the truth. "Mad Dog, no funk for you and the Pups until you straighten up your room."

Jimmy Vick and The Victors - "Take A Trip" (Cherry cat. 7888 A (10723))
SCREAMING! From start to finish this wicked little slab of melting wax spits at you and dares you to ignore it. Everything about this trip is double-time and out of control... "YEAH YEAH YEAH WOOO BABY!"

Specks Williams - "We Gave The Drummer Some" (Jax cat. A - 117)
Jazzy little tune with guitar more the feature than the drums is intro'd in the most polite announcement that "We gave the drummer some." After hours with just one person on the dance floor (if you can call it that); more like the space between the stage and the pool table. The shades pulled and the lights are low and all the pickled patrons are doing their best to draw one more from the barkeep.

Slim Harpo - "I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger" (Excello Records cat. 2309 (8767))
Slim gets funky in a Tony Joe White kinda way. Horns and electric keys pound away over a funky back beat. After some smooth vocals harmonica and a bit of fuzzed out electric guitar run the groove out.

Little Willie John - "I'm Shakin' " (King cat.45-5342 (45-K10575))
Little Willie John has one of the most distinct voices on record. Every word sounds like he is mocking your very existence. When he proclaims he is shaking you can tell he has fallen hard for the affection of his lady. Something tells me he may have used this line on more than a few of his ladies. "I'm noi-vous and I'm shakin'."

The Dap-Kings - "Nervous Like Me" (Kay-Dee Records cat. KD003)
This is the most brutal and heavy track ever by the perennially funky Dap-Kings. Many years back I got into a somewhat heated discussion with Mr. Gabriel Roth about his musically output. He was defending his position that he believed (The Dap-Kings, Soul Providers and every other nom de plum/alias they were going under) were as funky as The JBs every were if not more so. Of course 50% of this posturing was pouring out of the belief anyone has for their art and the swagger that comes from defending it or championing it if the case may be. The other 50% was trying to make me feel the same. Guess what, I do believe as Mr Roth. This 45 p(g)ro(o)ves it (proves and grooves it equally). This shit is heavy, it has changes and it just plain kicks ass. Find it, play it, preach it because this is fo' real.

The LPs:
James Brown - "Instrumentals" (King cat. 961)
Thin Lizzy - "Fighting" (Mercury cat. SRM-1-1108)
Ronnie Wood - "Now Look" (Warner Brothers cat. BS 2872 (S41,105))
Randy California - "Kapt. Kopter And The (fabulous) Twirly Birds" (Epic cat. E 31755)
MC5 - "High Time" (Atlantic cat. SD 8285)
and many, many more,,,

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