Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday September 27th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
This is the last week before I go to a once a month schedule. So far it looks like I will be taking the first Tuesday of each month with a rotating schedule of DJ's the remaining Tuesdays. I do need to get back to doing some artwork and this gives me that opportunity. Speaking of... I am doing a poster for the upcoming DC's Tavern Record Swap scheduled for Saturday, October 15th. Apparently this coincides with the DC's Oktoberfest Weekend. Don't expect the normal run of the mill overpriced specialty brews but a more reasonably priced array of tin cans and familiar bottles. Ahh, tradition.

This Tuesday in the back room at Maxwell's Canada's Black Mountain will be shaking the walls with their own brand of Black Sabbath heavy Stoner Rock sounds which sometimes even border on being truly soulful. Oddly their is also a tip to the Prog/Kraut Rock sounds of the 70's. OK, this band is a perfect Mixed Tape if you ask me. Pulling this week's set was pretty easy.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Some 45's:
New stuffs:
Chuck Womack & The Sweet Souls - "Ham Hocks & Beans Pt.1 & Pt.2" (re-joint cat. RJ7005)
"Put on those Ham Hocks!" Nice sharp drum-break heavy intro snaps this homage to ham, hocks red beans and cornbread... you know soul food. Mr. Womack calmly calls his band to action as drums, bass, guitar, sax simmer to perfection.

Guy Morris - "Hot Pants Party" b/w "Cool It" (Tramp Records cat. TR-102)
Like food songs I can't resist Hot Pants songs. this one has that great party feel that is a necessity for all Hot Pants songs. Mr. Morris even channels Geraldine (Flip Wilson) as the music skips along. The "B" is slightly heavier and could even be a more upbeat version of "Hot Pants Party" but maybe similarities come from the lack of material. Regardless, this is one nice instrumental that may give the Hot Pants side a run for its money when it comes time to drop the needle.

The Peas - "Gettin Some" b/w "Crazy Walk" (Malo cat. ML 765)
FUZZY FUZZY FUZZY Hey that dudes playing the guitar that sounds like the sitar the electric Sitar. After the thick intro things calm down into a Meters/Booker T feel played skillfully like the Acid Jazz band Corduroy. Really nice guitar feel and sounds play over the top of a raw drum and organ base. Crazy Walk starts out a bit slower with a Tony Joe White groove. This is a slow walk threw the jungle. Welcome to Louisiana folks.

The Baker Brothers featuring Vanessa Freeman - "Walk Into My World" b/w "Ponky Wonkett's Revenge" (Peddler cat. PDLR - 003)

Charles Brinkley and Fully Guaranteed - "I'll Be What You Want Me To Be" b/w "In The Pocket" (Music Machine Records cat. MM-3145)
I heard this a while ago and it took forever to find out what it was. Clavinet (maybe Moog) intro into a Stark Reality-esque Jazzy feel but most definitely a late era Funk cut. Vibes (maybe Fender Rhodes) and Organ creep around in the background as the Vocals, Drums and Keyboards are very upfront. An aggressive percussion solo hits toward the end and the song stays in a pulled back mode until it fades.

Peppers - "Stuffed Peppers" b/w "Peace, Love, Freedom" (Avalanche cat. 36015)
Tough bass and organ heavy instrumental with horns that almost sound like they are about to run with the "Jean and Joan and who knows who" line from Evil Ways. The song is filled with ample touches of percussion and even a great little drum / conga break-down that changes the feel slightly but definitely for the better. I have to say this is pretty high up right now as one of my favorite mid-tempo instrumentals. "Peace, Love, Freedom" is a Gospel feel instrumental.

Don Gardner - "I Wanta Know Where Did Our Love Go" b/w "My Baby Likes To Boogaloo" (Tru-Glo-Town cat. 501)

Otis Clay - "She's About A Mover" b/w "You Don't Miss Your Water" (Cotillion Records cat. 44001)

Can - "Moon Shake" (mono/stereo) (United Artists Records cat. UA-XW446-W (promo))
Jaki Liebezeit Can's drummer is not of this world, but then again none of the members of Can were. Can are easily one of the most important bands to me musically as a listener and as a drummer. Indecipherable lyrics play over bass, guitar, drums and sounds all created to perfection with Soulful and Progressive skills unmatched by any band.

Some other stuff...
Dick Hyman and His Electric Eclectis" (Command / ABC Records cat. RS 45-4126 (wht label promo))

The Soft Machine - "Joy Of A Toy" (Probe / Command / ABC Records cat. CP-452)

Ace Frehley - "Snow Blind" (Casablanca Records and Film Works cat. NB 941)
Fuck Yeah! Ace Frehley was still the shit when he recorded his "solo" effort while donning the makeup of his beloved KISS. Snow Blind sounds not much different than Nebula or Fu Manchu just some of the production "effects" date it. When the track picks up the pace suddenly you can really see KISS's influence on the LA Glam scene. I can listen to this track on an endless loop.

Helmet - "Unsung" (Amphetamine Reptile Records cat. NR-18838 (wht. vinyl)
Great drummers abound. Page Hamilton was hailed as the next great guitar player of our time but for me that's not enough to make great music or even a great song... Joe Satriani who? Anyway, guitar-pyrotechnics is a whole other subject all together. Helmet are a band bashing out one of their best songs ever. heavy as hell bass, deep guitar and drums that should move you as well as pound you into submission.

Bobby Franklin's Insanity - "Bring It On Down To Me - Pt 1 & 2" (Thomas cat. TH 801)

The Counts - "Thinking Single" b/w "Why Not Start Over Again" (Westbound Records cat. W 191)

J. J. Callier with Dalton Francis & The Flaming Arrows - "I Got A Groove" (Maison de Soul cat. 45-1003)
Bass and cymbals come around the corner like they have been following you for blocks. The track jumps in with harmonica, vocals, horns and pushed recording levels making it all raw and funky, funky, funky.

Red Sparowes - "At The Soundless Dawn" (Robotic Empire cat. RBE-043)
Manfred Mann - "Chapter Three" (Polydor cat. 24-4013)
Frank Zappa - "Hot Rats" (Bizarre / Warner Brothers / Reprise cat. RS6356)
Pierre Henry / Michael Colombier - "Mass For Today (an electronic ballet composed with Michael Colombier)" "The Green Queen and electronic ballet" (Limelight - The total Experience In Sound cat. LS-86065)
Back Door - "s/t" (Warner Brothers cat. K46231)

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