Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday October 4th - 9:30PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
This week starts the first month of doing the FIRST Tuesday of every month. Did you get that? The first Tuesday of every month. OK, let's move on. As I look up at the clock and it says 2:50 AM I am keeping this one short and sweet. I got about 100 Jazz 45's in tow as well as some "Classic" Rock stuff like the first Television, Modern Lovers, Suicide, etc... records.

Other dates of importance:
October 15th (Saturday) is the next DC's Tavern Record Swap. There a few birthdays and other nice touches that shall be celebrated but of course the focus here is Vinyl and Beer. Come on by. There should be a pack of DJ's doing their thing.

Sunday, October 16th the drinking continues for the First Annual DC's Oktoberfest. Details to follow but I think you might be able to figure this one out.

October 31st DC's will be home to horrific costumes, music and as always drinking... just a typical night at DC's. Not so fast, this one comes with a theme (Country & Western) and two lovely hostesses (Carolyn and Merilee). So Boo, Yah Hoo!

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Some 45's:
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Prestige cat. PRT-750 (PR-2932))
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - "Dr. Follow's Dance" (Prestige cat. PR-760)
Freddie Roach - "Spacious" (Prestige cat. 45-432)
Bobby Timmons - "Dat Dere" (Riverside cat. REP 3208 (pic sleeve))
Lonnie Smith - "Move Your Hand" Part 1 & 2 (Blue Note cat. BN-1955)
The Three Sounds - "Still I'm Sad" (Blue Note cat. 45-1935)
Lou Donaldson - "Peepin" (Blue Note cat. 45-1937)
Grant Green - "Ain't It Funky Now" Part 1 & 2 (Blue Note cat. BN 1960)

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