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Primitive Sound System & Bill Dolan at D.C.'s Tavern Thursday August 2nd

Hello Y'all,
I had already decided to bring the usual all over the map, no genre unturned mix this Thursday but then I figured why not feature... DRUMMERS! I have a particular bias when it comes to drummers so to me there is no more important player on stage or in the studio. Drums really can make or break a band or song. This is not to diminish the contributions or abilities of the other musicians but I have seen and experienced what a disaster bad drumming, a shitty drummer or just a blown part of a song can be like or sound like. EVERYONE notices. This Bud's for you keeper of the throne. "It's the beat, the beat, the beat!"

"I think the drummer should sit back there and play some drums, and never mind about the tunes. Just get up there and wail behind whoever is sitting up there playing the solo. And this is what is lacking, definitely lacking in music today."
- Buddy Rich

Primitive Sound System and Bill Dolan
Rattling them Pots and Pans
Thursday August 2nd
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Hoboken, NJ
PH: 201-792-5550
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Beat of The Traps!

Only a few descriptions this time around. Sorry.

The LP's:
Hal Blaine - "Rumble" from the LP "drums! drums! a go go" (Dunhill cat. DS-50002)
Hal Blaine and The Wrecking Crew played close to 200 Top Ten Hits in the 60's and 70's and 40 of those went to number one. Take that all you One Hit Wonders! (Including the ones Hal Blaine played on.) "Rumble" is just explosive.

Earl Palmer - "One Mint Julip" from the LP "Drumsville!" (Liberty cat. LRP 3201)
Gentleman June Gardner - "Hammerhead" from the LP "Bustin' Out" (Emarcy cat. SRE 66014)
Sandy Nelson - "Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies" from the LP Chetah Beat (Imperial cat. LP-9340)
The Soulful Drums of Joe Dukes with The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet - "Greasy Drums" (Prestige cat. 7324)
Jack DeJohnette - "Epilog" from the LP "Sorcery" (Prestige cat. P 10081)
Joe Farrell - "Seven Seas" from the LP "Upon This Rock" (CTI cat. CTI 6042 S 1)

Tony Williams Lifetime - "To Whom It May Concern (Us)," or "Vuelta Abajo" from the LP "(turn it over)" (Polydor cat. 24-4021)
There are few LP's that are as powerful as this. One look at the back cover and you can see why. The spiraled white text credits on the solid black cover direct us to "Start here:" and we read that Tony Williams is joined here by Khalid Yasin (Larry Young) on Organ, John(ny) McLaughlin on guitar and Jack Bruce on Bass. This is the Jazz equivalent of Blue Cheer. The songs on this record blend together like a suite and barely pause to take a breath. Williams occasionally "sings" which is a very bizarre audio experience and honestly sounds like the only logical choice with the atmosphere created.

Buddy Rich - "Big Mac" from the LP "The Roar of '74" (Groove Merchant cat. GM 528)
Ed Thigpen - "Harper" from the LP "Out Of The Storm" (Verve Records cat. V-8663)

Grassella Oliphant - "Get Out Of My Life Woman" from the LP "The Grass Is Greener" (Atlantic cat. SD 1494)
OK so this is too easy. But this is one of the best versions of this amazing Allen Toussaint track and I'll take any chance I can to play it out. This entire LP is great with a list of players to match. Oliphant on drums with Grant Green on guitar, John Patton organ, the under rated and sadly unknown sax player Harold Ousley, Clark Terry on Trumpets and Flugelhorn and Major Holley on Bass and Electric Bass.

Sarah Webster Fabio - "Jujus / Alchemy of the Blues" Vocal / Instrumental from the LP "Jujus / Alchemy of the Blues Poems By Sarah Webster Fabio Read By Sarah Webster Fabio with Musical Background" (Folkways Records cat. FL 9714)
I first heard this (like most people) as the theme song on one of my favorite radio shows "Doug Shulkind's Give The Drummer Some" on WFMU (91.1 FM). There are few songs you can listen to literally every week and it sounds just as good if not better every time. The band is quintet made up of Guitar, Bass and Drums with Congas, Special Effects and an assortment of saxes, flute and piano. The band is aggressive and progressive all in the right amounts.

Some 45's:
Lunar Funk - "Slip The Drummer One" (Flashback Records cat. FLB 76)
Cozy Cole - "Topsy" 1 & 2 (Love Records cat. 5003)
"Philly" Joe Jones - "Ping Pong Beer" (Warwick Records M 663)
Pretty Purdie - "Funky Donkey" (date cat. 2-1568 (Special Rush Service / White Label Promo))
Grady Tate - "Be Black Baby" Mono b/w Stereo (Skye cat #4520)
Shelly Manne & His Men - "Peter Gunn" (Contemporary cat. C45-367 (White Label Promo))
The Dave Bailey Sextet - "One Foot In The Gutter - Part 1" (Epic cat. 5-2200 (Radio Station Copy / White Label Promo))
Idris Muhammad - "Super Bad" (Prestige cat. 45-743)
Alphonze Mouzon - "Spring Water" (Blue Note cat. BN-XW261-W)
Gene Norman presents A Drum Concert Featuring Art Blakey, Sabu Martinez, Ed Shaugnessy with the orchestras of Buddy De Franco and Charlie Ventura - "Star of America" (Gene Norman Presents cat. ep 0-1)
Christian Garros Et Son Orchestre - "Chat Chat Rock" and "Drums Rock" from the ep "Rockin' With Garros" (Columbia cat. ESDF 1131)
Herman Kelly & Life - "Dance To The Drummers Beat" (Alston cat. 3742)
The Incredible Bongo Band - "Bongolia" (MGM Records cat. K 14588)
The Winstons - "Amen, Brother" (Metromedia Records cat. MMS-117)
The Meters - "Groovy Lady" (Josie cat. 45-1026)
Booker T & The MG's - "Boot-Leg" (Stax cat. S-169)
Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - "Ooh Ooh The Dragon - Part 1" (UNI cat. 55111)

Dyke And The Blazers - "Funky Walk Part II (West)" (Original Sound cat. OS-79)
I don't think many drummers hit harder with more groove and feel!

I know there is about a ZILLION more and I buy my records by the beat.

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