Monday, July 09, 2007

Some Records That Arrived At My Doorstep

I have nothing going on but here are some new records that have arrived at my doorstep.

Eldridge Holmes - "Pop, Popcorn Children" b/w "Cheatin' Woman" (Atco Records cat. 45-6701)
So this has been way high up on my want list for a very very long time. This copy is an unplayed store stock copy that I got for a very reasonable price. I think the only way this happened is because

Binky Griptite and the Mellomatics - "Mellomatic Mood" Part One & Two (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1033)

The Sound Stylistics - "Soul Dynamite" b/w "The Players Theme" (Freestyle cat. FSR7033)

Joe Cuba Sextet - "El Pito (I'll Never Go Back To Georgia)" b/w "Arecibo" (Tico cat. T-470)
I love to whistle when I walk. No shit. I really do. I find air drumming is really dumb looking and I don't need any help with that so... I whistle. One of the songs I find myself whistling more than any other is "El Pito" I have looked for this 7" for a very long time but most are really messed up. I understand that because it is an incredible groove and you can whistle to it. Turns out the 7" is quite a find because "Arecibo"

Jakcie Edwards & The Soul Makers - "Che Che" (Daran Recording Co. cat. 0112)

The Pac-Keys - "Stone Fox" b/w "Dig In" (Hollywood Records cat. 1108)
Holy crap! This is one great instru-fucking-mental!

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