Monday, September 29, 2008

Brooklyn Record Riot! Set list - Sept. 28, 2008

Brooklyn Record Riot Set List:
The Ventures - "Swingin' Creeper" (Dolton Records cat. No. 306)
Leo Valentino Trio - "Behind The Out House" (Camelia Records of Richness)
Eddie Chamblee - Dayton Selby on Organ - "Honeybee" (Prestige cat. PR 45-302)
Tommy Wills Man With A Horn - "K.C. Drive" (Juke cat. JB 2025)
Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm" (Solid State cat. SD 2524)
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Prestige cat. PRT-750)
Vocal: Jimmy Jones, Soul Brother No. 2 Henry DeMeo & Orch - "Say, Amen, Brother" (Jody Records cat. 9014)
Victory Travelers - "I Know I've Been Changed" (Courtin' cat. 1003)
The Blues Groove - "Makin' It" (Verve cat. VK-10417)
Bobby Quesada - "Bataola Boogaloo" (Fania cat. 464)
Willie Colon - "Jazzy" (Fania Records cat. 444)
Monguito Santamaria - "Hey Sister" (Fania cat. 481)
Gate Wesley & Band - "(Zap! Pow!) Do The Batman" (Atlantic cat. 45-2319)
Lorenzo Holden - "The Wig" (Cee-Jam Records)
Lester Young and his California Playboys - "Wobble Time" (Chase Record Co. cat. 1200)
The Voxpoppers - "The Last Drag" (Mercury cat. 71282X45)
The Shades - "Skip It" (Joey Records Inc. cat. J-6206)
The Arrows featuring Davie Allen - "Moon Dawg '65)
Soul Continentals - "Bowlegs" (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2609)
Frankie Newsome - "Don't Mess With My Lovemaker (Part II)" (Savern cat. SN-104)
Curtis Davis - "Your Love And My Money" (Bev-Mar Records cat. BM 1001)
Dotti Wright - "Eclipse Of A Lover" (F - M Records cat. 471)
Mary Lou Williams - "The Credo" (Mary Records cat. MA-6)

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