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Primitive Sound System at the Brooklyn Record Riot - Sun Sept 28th

Hello Y'all,
If there is one truth in this world and it is simple... "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH VINYL RECORDS!" To prove this, people who already own thousands of records make up excuses for buying more and rationalize every purchase. So start thinking you collector geeks because this Sunday is the second Iris Records' Brooklyn Record Riot at The Warsaw. There is quite a line-up of DJ's and last time I picked up some great records. I meant to say, "I got ONLY records I had been looking for forever and spent WAY under what they were worth." Please join us for some great music, food and of course crates of records that you r e a l l y need. In honor of these heated political times I will spin at the pleasure of all those present.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Brooklyn Record Riot!
Sunday September 28th - 11AM - 8PM
The Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn

The rest of the year visit them at their shop...
Iris Records
114 Brunswick St.
Jersey City, NJ

Line-up of DJ's:

11:00 AM : Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus
12:00 PM : Pat. James Longo - The Primitive Sound System
1:00 PM : DJ Crazeology, the Frequency Hopper
2:00 PM : Ira the K (of Yo La Tango)
3:00 PM : Miriam Linna (of Norton Records)
4:00 PM : Josh Styles (of Smashed! Blocked!)
5:00 PM : DJ Kaneta (of Facing Facts, Tokyo)
6:00 PM : DJ Sandman
7:00 PM : Alex Ferguson

Some records that I will not sell you... so don't ask:

Victory Travelers - "I Know I've Been Changed"
Sweet Jesus those are divine drums that intro this Gospel groover. Typical to many Gospel tunes the title is repeated many times throughout by both the lead and the background singers. The recording and the performance are raw and tough. The The drums pound and the bass is heavy as hell, oops sorry... I mean, powerful enough to shake the walls of Jericho. I love the raspy lead vocal. It sounds as if he may stop the song at any moment and clear his throat but he soldiers on and sounds amazing right to his last passionate shout. Please, don't change a thing.

The Tri-Ems - "Tea Box" (Maurci cat. M-112)
The Rhythm Ace and The Rhythm King are easily two of the coolest pieces of equipment ever invented to make music. When you combine them in just the right way with live instrumentation you get the magic that is "Tea Box." Of course this is the same beauty that was cut by Simtec Simmons also for Maurci. This version is a bit less loungey than Mr. Simmons brilliant version and also is recorded with a bit more punch. The guitar is free flowing and keeps everything from getting too samey. The beat is sped up and the Rhythm Ace/King takes the back seat to a very aggressive organ. I also love the way it just drops off so, so will I and start it right back up.

The Venture - "The Swingin Creeper" (Dolton cat. No 306)
I love The Ventures. I have about twenty LPs of their music and about five 7-inches. This is without a doubt one of my favorites. It has everything I could ask for and more. Steady, driving beat, swinging organ, fuzzed out guitar and thumping bass. This moves along like a spy theme but has enough going on to be the whole soundtrack. Swingin, creeping, spooky and fun. The drums never once break from their driving groove as the guitar takes an amazing fuzzy run, things drop of a bit to allow the organ to slide out of the darkness and create an even more deep, moody space. This would have fit nicely on The Ventures In Space LP but sounds right at home on The Ventures A Go Go!

The Arrows - "Moon Dawg '65" (Tower cat. 133)
WOOOOHOOO! A big drum roll and speeding guitar burst off the line and don't let up until the finish line. There are a few yelps and yells heard echoing down the track but this is all about the guitar and beat. I definitely don't have enough Davie Allen records and every time I listen to this I wish I had boxes of them. The double guitar sound here is so sharp and moving. As the rhythm keeps everything in line the high pitch chords and notes dance around it almost teasing it. I think Davie Allen made about a thousand records so I may have to borrow some money.

Miles Davis - "Right Off Part II" (Columbia cat. 4-45350)
I play the Jack Johnson LP quite often. It is hard to choose when reaching for the Miles but this LP hits the deck more often than not. It usually comes down to this and In A Silent Way. I knew there was a 7-inch out there from the session and it took a minute to track one down. No youngins, this aint no tribute to the barefoot hippy singer song writer but a cut from the proposed soundtrack for a documentary about one of the best boxers to step into the ring. Johnson's fight against Jim Jeffries dubbed "The Fight of The Century" caused riots after he easily defeated Jeffries. Johnson lived his life above the racism of his time breaking many barriers and sadly died the year before Jackie Robinson brought about an end to segregation in sports. "Part II" opens right in the heart of the groove and drops suddenly into a long held organ note that leaps into what can only be the sounds of lefts and rights finding the mark. The beat Billy Cobham lays down isn't necessarily funky but it would be impossible to describe it as anything else. John McLaughlin is masterful in his choices of notes and sounds and obviously the same is true for the rest of the band. Herbie Hancock beats the Frafisa picking apart the melody and breaking up the rhythm. Hancock and McLaughlin are joined together by Miles he seems content walking through and only adding "words" and action when necessary. I wish the 7-inch ended with the Brock Peters reading then this is just 2:49 of a 27 minute long track.

Willie Colon - "Jazzy" (Fania Records cat. 444)
Sometimes the title can be just as misleading as the cover. Willie Colon calls this burning Boo-ga-loo - "Jazzy." Although the piano is certainly swinging the rest of this is nothing short of Boogaloo madness. Colon's band is one of the tightest to ever step in the studio and that goes for Jazz or Boogaloo. Blasting horns open this up before letting the rest of the band hit the dance floor and keep ever moving. Heads are nodding and shoulders are shaking as the drums and percussion push this into feverish territory. The bones come back for a little solo action before the band jumps back in with a little tribute to the Madness of Joe Cuba.

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